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Real Estate Sales LLC Reviews

Real Estate Sales LLC Reviews

Below are some testimonials about Real Estate Sales LLC Reviews, that you will get on our site:

We have been involved with Real Estate Sales, LLC for about 4 weeks. We are glad we made the decision to invest in this opportunity. Our Coach, Mark Speilman, has been right there with us every step of the way. We mailed letters to Motivated Sellers within a few days of getting started. Three days later we received our first response to our letter and it has not slowed down since. We appreciate the time Mark has spent not only teaching us the business, but encouraging us, too. He is a great mentor, and we are so happy to be working with him. We can’t wait to see our business grow in the coming months by following his direction.

Dear Brian/Real Estates Sales, LLC.,

Wanted to thank you for all of your HELP. I began with you in Feb. of 2015 and was making progress but unfortunately was involved in an almost fatal motorcycle accident in May of 2015 which really affected my ability to follow up with you . When I had recovered from the physical injuries and TBI (traumatic brain injury ) in Feb. 2017 I reached back out to you about where I was and received great news. Because I was unable to work with you I was concerned but when we spoke Brian you told me it wasn’t a problem and that you were ready to help me however you could.

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